WorkFit-Z Mini Sit-Stand Desk Converter


WorkFit-Z Mini Sit-Stand Desk Converter

  • Z-shaped smooth vertical lift is designed for a smaller work space

  • Supports up to 25 lbs (11.4 kg) of items you need to work happy

  • Modern grey finish complements multiple work environments

  • Keep it simple with easy-to-reach smartphone and tablet access

  • Out-of-the-box set-up gets you standing faster

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Make your workspace work for you with the all-new WorkFit-Z Mini standing desk. Big in benefits and compact in design, this sit to stand converter turns your current tabletop into a height-adjustable standing desk. It’s designed for the way you work best—sitting or standing or a little bit of both—with a modern grey woodgrain finish that rocks your office. Upgrade to a sit-stand desk that fits you and the technology you love—single monitors, tablets or laptops. Best of all, out-of-the-box set-up is as easy as 1-2-Z.


≤25 lbs
≤11.3 kg
31.8 cm
2 Years
  • Part Number: 33-458-917
  • Color: grey woodgrain surface, black frame
  • Includes WorkFit-Z Mini converter, leg covers, cable ties
  • Footprint = 31" x 21" (79 x 53 cm)
  • Fits on desk surfaces 22" (56 cm) deep or larger
  • Keyboard tray dimensions = 24.5" x 9.1" (62 x 23 cm)
  • Device slot dimensions = 11" x 1.8" x 1.1" (28 x 4.5 x 2.8 cm)
  • Through-holes behind keyboard tray and at bottom of device slot neatly route cables and cords
  • Keyboard moves in tandem with the worksurface. Tray is positioned 4.3" (10.9 cm) below worksurface to maintain ergonomic spacing between screen height and keyboard
  • Product Weight: 32 lbs (14.5 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 34" x 27" x 8" (86 x 69 x 20 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 42.3 lbs (19.2 kg)
  • Warranty: Two (2) years


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Overall Good Adjustable Desk

Review by Kate

This desk was very easy to set up (open the box, cut a few zip ties and you're ready to go). It fits on top of a relatively small desk and overall doesn't take up too much room. I preferred this to the ergotron versions that clipped to desks because the desk I have has a long lip so the clip attachment wouldn't have worked. VERY easy to adjust up and down. My only complaint is that the keyboard tray isn't quite large enough to comfortably fit both the keyboard and mouse. They both fit, but I sometimes run into space issues using the mouse. It's also a little tricky for my desk because I have a small one with the opening on one side vs. in the middle so when sitting it's a little awkward on where my legs go. But that could be easily resolved by getting a cheap table. Overall very happy with the purchase.

(Posted on 7/14/2020)

Perfect fit

Review by Catherine

This is exactly what I had been looking for. Well-designed, attractive, super easy to set up. I had some space challenges where my desk is located, so needed to confirm a couple of things with Customer Service before ordering; they could not have been more helpful. Item arrived promptly as promised, free shipping. Win-win !

(Posted on 7/7/2020)

Great for Work from Home

Review by Kristin

Very easy to set up and use. I adjust to stand and sit several times per day. Smoothly lifts and lowers.

(Posted on 6/14/2020)

“Mini” size is plenty big

Review by Dr D

Sturdy not wobbly and easy to lift and lower. Looks good, super easy to set up. Two of my colleagues bought one after trying mine.

(Posted on 6/6/2020)

Works great, sturdy, adjusts easily and fits my setup perfectly

Review by Susan

Both my husband and I needed to retrofit our desks to allow stand-up options as we are both working at home now, so we bought 2 of the Sit-Stand Desk Converters. It easily fits his tall setup with a large monitor and large keyboard. And I have my own for my laptop setup - easily fits just on a regular table and is very sturdy and simple to adjust. We both stand and sit throughout the day - totally comfortable and functional.

(Posted on 5/18/2020)

Very good quality for the price

Review by Jan

I bought this for my home office but then went through a slow period at work and let my husband try it out for his desk. Now he's stolen it and I have to order another one for myself.

My only couple of minor complaints is that there aren't more colors available. Other than that, it's sturdy and solid and moves smoothly and seems to be of good quality. The finish is nice. It was between this and the Varidesk ProPlus; and based on the pictures I've seen of the Varidesk, it seems like the finish isn't as nice and leaves fingerprints. At least on the cheapest ProPlus, which only comes in black. It's also nearly $100 more. You'd have to pay about $200 more for more color options, and it's a little bigger and I'm not even sure if it would fit on my desk. This WorkFit Mini fits perfectly on my 47 x 23 1/2 Ikea desk.

Another minor complaint is I have an ergonomic split keyboard (the Kinesis Freestyle 2), and it barely fits on the keyboard tray. But it does fit and I can try to take off the wrist pads to see if that works better. There seems to be limited options in the stand up desk world for large keyboard trays.

Also, setup was extremely easy. There basically isn't any. You just take it out of the box and put it on your desk.

I'd recommend this desk. I'm ordering another one (even though I'd prefer it to be white with a larger keyboard tray) because it's a good price and good quality.

(Posted on 1/7/2020)

Work Fit Z Mini

Review by Dave

I have purchased several of these units and one I use for my home office. The quality is excellent and the unit is easy to use and adjusts to the proper height necessary. The others are used at my place of employment and all employees that have these are very satisfied. In fact, other people are asking for them as well.

(Posted on 1/4/2020)


Review by Kendall

Got this for my mom since she works from home, and she loves it! It’s the perfect size for two small monitors. Easy install. Grey finish is nice too.

(Posted on 1/3/2020)

Great product!

Review by Mike

I love it!

(Posted on 10/17/2018)

More space than you think

Review by IT_guy

This desk solved the need I had for a simple one laptop + monitor setup at home. I’ve got a 15” MacBook plus a 27” monitor and everything fits, with room to spare for my phone and notepad. I was skeptical of the keyboard platform as these often bounce around once you start typing with any gusto, but this platform is solid. No movement at all (and I type hard!). I LOVE the slot for phone/tablet.

There was no setup at all... I just opened it up, put it on the desk and poof... I had a standing desk. I actually expected more work than this.

The item shipped in less than one hour from order, and arrived in two days. The packaging was solid, very heavy duty.

My one criticism is that I’d like to see more colors available. The grey works for where I have it, but I can see wanting another for my wife, and her office is more of a natural wood vibe.

(Posted on 3/8/2018)

keyboard platform should be independently height adjustable of the monitor platform

Review by keyboard platform

While I like this design, it simply doesn't work for everyone. We all have different heights and torso lengths, and thus to be in an ergonomically correct position, we need to be able to adjust the height of the keyboard platform independently of the monitor platform.

- Response from Ergotron: Thank you for your insights. We definitely recognize that for some users, an adjustable keyboard tray is beneficial. If you require this adjustment capability, we recommend the WorkFit-TX. Please contact Ergotron customer care at 800-888-8458 should you need further assistance.

(Posted on 12/6/2017)

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